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This deviation was deleted

First of all, the stars are just silly, but I'm going to try to select what I, personally, think is best suited for your piece here today. (:

The foreshortening you have done on this piece is amazing. The details, to the coloring and accents, to the cute little design around of her! It's all well balanced, and just super adorable!

If I had to change one thing? It would be her nose shifting over the tiniest bit! Maybe make the glasses look like their behind of the braids a bit better? Hm hm hm. And maybe make her skirt a different color, perhaps? I get the theme of the yellows, the cool blues, and the pink to contrast; but maybe something that's different from her hair. But at this point, it feels like a personal preference.

It looks fine, to be honest! <3
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chiiminto Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012
Thank you so much :)
I agree with what you said! I spent like half an hour trying to position the nose right o.O
And yep, glasses needs lot of work, tehee!
Thank you again, this is really helpful, and I will try to listen to your advice and draw this kind of thing better next time :D
ChellizardDraws Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
^_^ I'm just a hobbyist; so you can ignore what I said! <3 But I honestly like it the way it is; but if you /HAD/ to fix it, what I said would be those things. ^_^

Woot! :D
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